Supporters of The Friends

The Arts Council

champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people's lives. We support activities across the arts, museums and libraries – from theatre to digital art, reading to dance, music to literature, and crafts to collections.

East Midlands Music

is a new Music Shop and Musical Instrument Showroom close to Peterborough catering for brass, woodwind and string players. With instruments and accessores in our spacious premises set in a beautifully converted farm building in the heart of the British countryside near the village of Warmington.

Oundle School Community Action

is in fact our longest standing supporter. Oundle School has grown in importance to our community in terms of its commitment to the variety of our needs. This included providing support for the Park in terms of bringing pupils to work in the Park for maintenance and clearance work. However, OSCA has also provided additional support in terms of providing leaflets and seating for events.

Augean PLC

is a sector leader in the modernisation of hazardous waste management controls. It has developed leading expertise in the provision of sustainable, compliance-led waste management solutions for Britain’s more difficult to handle wastes. Without the support of Augean, the Kingfisher Café would not have been built. Given the impact that the Kingfisher Café has had on the fortunes of the Park, this support has been transformative.

Qi Marketing & Web Design

is a local and experienced Marketing & Design Agency whose principal is Justin Jeffrey. As a committed member of our community, he has helped the Friends in the design and delivery of this web site for which we are grateful. Qi Marketing provides an engaged and knowledgeable service which includes the latest essential media know-how to ensure a freshness of presentation capable of maximising our impact on the internet. As our presence grows, the support provided by Qi Marketing will undoubtedly pay dividends.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation

is a key source of support to organisations like the Friends. Having been formed over 14 years ago, NCF delivers a variety of funding for the local voluntary and community sector awarding grants of over £1million annually. NCF’s emphasis is on funding community-based projects which improves the lives of the most disadvantaged people and communities. Child poverty, unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence and social isolation are just some of the issues we strive to tackle each year. There are now 48 community foundations across the UK which are playing a leading role in the development of community philanthropy and resources to sustain communities. We are grateful to NCF for assisting in the funding of the Park’s marquee which is now a much used asset. It is also available for hire.


is one of the largest digital communications companies in Britain, delivering mobile and fixed communications services to consumers, businesses, government and the wholesale market. EE has approximately 13,000 full time employees and 580 retail stores, and serves more than 30 million customers across its mobile, fixed and wholesale businesses. The size and depth of organisation enables it to make a serious and clear commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. It funded and brought the personnel to the Park to plant a wild flower meadow. As Friends, we will seek to expand the network of large corporate names with active commitments to CSR. The Park is a perfect venue for team building programmes and outdoor healthy work. We very much welcome EE’s help and hope their example will lead to further projects of this kind.


has established a grocery store in Oundle and shown a commitment to working with community projects. The Friends have been a beneficiary in a number of different ways. Waitrose helped to fund the purchase of the secure container unit at the Park through the Community Matters campaign. They were sponsors of Music in the Park 2015 and also ran a stall where they prepared strawberries for sale donating all proceeds to the Friends. We cannot praise the Waitrose / John Lewis Partnership ethos enough. The following summarises well JLP’s intent to work as a Partner within the community: The Partnership has long believed that commercial success is directly linked to being a good corporate citizen and our founder's ideals continue to shape our approach to operating responsibly.

Persimmon Homes

builds around 14,500 beautifully-designed new homes a year in more than 400 prime locations nationwide, Persimmon is proud to be the one of the UK's most successful house builders, committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service.

Digfield Ales

has supported our events and is an important part of the Friends fund raising. The brewery produces splendid and reliable selection of beers, As virtual neighbours to the Park, the brewery’s Partners have given us the consistent quiet support of their expertise. A special brewery with special beers!

The Bruce Wake Trust

The Park has been fortunate to receive funding from The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust for the North Lake Path all-weather surfacing project. The Trust is a charity which is committed to providing leisure activities for the disabled. By contributing towards to hard surfacing of the North Lake Path, The Bruce Wake Trust ensures that disabled people can enjoy the whole of the Park all year round. Such contributions will help to improve our Park for the future. We are very grateful for BWT’s interest and support.

The Roe Group

is a private family business with their routes in the Nene Valley. The Group has been quietly supporting musical events for years where the objective is to raise funds for community based and worthy causes. This truly is an example of quiet corporate social responsibility. The Roe Group are one of the Country’s largest suppliers of steel reinforcement and as such are at the heart of this Nation’s infrastructure. We are grateful that they have agreed to support Music in the Park in 2016.

St Francis Group

is an innovative resource company supporting veterinary practices in the UK. With the practical knowledge of practising veterinary surgeons familiar with running respected practices, St Francis Group is able to help develop and underpin the long-term success of participating practices – many local to us. Their ethos works well with those of the Friends: associating the preservation and health of animals with both the Park’s wildlife and the humans that are daily exercised by their responsible owners in our Park. St Francis Group is a local business and we welcome their commitment to our Park and community.