Rotary Club of Oundle tree planting

Over the next 10 years the Woodland Trust is aiming to plant 64 million trees.  They are giving out trees to anyone interested in planting them.  Whatever you want to plant, whether it’s one tree in your garden or a whole wood. Oundle Rotary Club decided to take on the challenge.

Every sapling provided is UK sourced and grown to minimise the risk of importing and spreading tree pests and diseases.  After partnering with Barnwell Country Park, Oundle Rotary applied for their free tree pack which has now arrived.

Senior Ranger, Matt Harrel, was given the choice of different tree packs and chose ‘year round colour’ consisting of 105 mixed trees of rowan, hawthorn, hazel, silver birch, dogwood and wild cherry which will give blossom from April to May and bright berries from July to November with the leaves changing from vivid greens through to golden hues and gorgeous russet tones.

Planting took place on Wednesday 5 April at Barnwell Country Park.