Park Projects and Friends Projects are inseparable. Any improvement to the Park is a benefit to the community of users so, as Friends, we do not distinguish between either an NCC or Friends inspired project. Ultimately, as managers and owners of the existing Park, NCC have control of what is done. However, as we have seen with the first project listed, the Friends have an influence on the priorities of the Park.

  • Facilities

    Improving Access for All

    Northamptonshire County Council aims to improve all paths and access within the Park however, there is very limited funding. The Friends wish to continue to improve and maintain our Park by contributing and raising funds with specific focus on improvement projects.

  • Facilities

    North Lake Path improved

    The aim of the North Lake Path Project is to keep this path open for everyone in wet periods of the year. A path, instead of a trampled sea of mud, will also help to conserve the ground and the plants and wildlife that depend on it.

  • Facilities

    Update on progress with the sand and water play equipment: February 2018

    One of the great successes in the Park over the last two years was to develop The Kingfisher Café. The Friends are keen to explore opportunities for developing a soft play facility at the park to encourage parents to enjoy the park no matter what the weather