North Lake Path Progress Report

Many thanks to everyone who contributed a grand total of £7,000 towards eliminating the sea of mud that forms instead of a path around North Lake as soon as winter begins.  Your marvellous generosity has kick started these works and more, to refresh other pathways in the park too.  Another £13,000 has been put into the pot by the owners* and work is due to begin immediately after half term.

Proper pathways help conserve natural plants and wildlife in our park.

Once the work begins, in November 2016, there will have to be a few temporary detours, so will walkers please be prepared to change their regular route for a while, until the new and restored paths can be used.


*   Owners??  Northamptonshire County Council still owns the land but has handed over management of its country parks to a new organisation called First for Wellbeing, which now employs the rangers and manages the park.