Follow the yellow (grass) road

The Rangers are actively managing the West Meadow, over by the North Lake Path, as a wildflower meadow.  Short open patches provide areas for new seeds to establish more easily.  Next time you are taking a stroll in the Park, follow the wiggly path.  It’s fun and it helps create a more diverse habitat because a different path is mowed every year.   In the past, livestock would have done this through grazing and trampling.  In the Country Park we replicate this as best we can.

The wiggly path provides a great way to explore meadows and discover the creatures that live in them without trampling the long grass.  The Country Parks’ Outdoor Learning Department regularly use these areas for bug hunting sessions. Wait a bit and it will look a lot more impressive in the summer when the grass grows and the flowers come through.

PS  Saturday 1 July is National Meadows Day.  Click here to see what will be happening in Barnwell Country Park.