Charitable status

As of 15 February 2019 the Friends of Barnwell Country Park is now a charity, registered under number 1182070.

Check it out on the official register here.

Here is a note from the Treasurer:

Hello.  My name is Bob Ward, relatively new into the post of Treasurer for the Group.   My most recent task has been to seek Charitable status for the group.

The activities we get involved in are of a charitable nature and intended to improve the park facilities.  We put on various events to encourage visitors and generally promote the park to both the local and wider community recognising that funding, in the current climate, will not come from the local authority.  None of our activities are for commercial gain.

The income we generate through fund raising and various events has reached a level which requires us to register as a charity under the rules laid down by the Charity Commission.  The threshold prescribed by the Charities Commission is an income of £5,000.  During the year ended last July our income reached £20,000.

We understand that being registered as a charity will open up additional opportunities to apply for grants and donations.  Some fund holders will only get involved with registered charities.

It also shows that we are properly regulated and a safe pair of hands when getting the most out of grants and donations received.

The trustees are:

Angela Mary Homes

Barbara Jean Ding

Claire Margaret Faulkner

Edward Peter Hilary James

Kim Lorraine Grove

Mark Richard Felton Bsc(Agriculture & Forest Sciences)

Mary Phillipa Rose James MA Hons (Oxon) (Literae Humaniores)

Robert James Ward FCCA

Simon Paul Mutsaars